Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

I’ll tell my favorite games so you will know what kind of gamer is writing this review.

Atelier Totori
Fire Emblem

You should know I played the previous two Atelier Dusk games and the Atelier Arland series. I’m a big fan of the Arland games while I don’t particuraly care for the Dusk games.


GAMEPLAY: The battle system was good but the item synthesis was bland. I’ll delve more into this further down in the review.

VOICE ACTING: This game was voice acted about 70 percent of the time. It wasn’t the greatest voice acting and not all of the voice actors fit the characters.

MUSIC: Music is good but I prefered the music in the Arland games.

GRAPHICS: Graphics were good. The dungeons looked great.

STORY: Story could be put into the bad category or the good. Some parts were entertaining and brought a slight smile to my face while other parts were drab. The ending definently belongs in the bad category and I’ll explain why there. Don’t worry though, all my reviews are 100 percent spoiler free.

CHARACTER CAST: Character cast is also good and bad, some characters were rather bad in my opinion. These bad characters were a serious depressed never crack a smile kind of girl. A treasure hunter who loved and bragged about her little sister. A homucouli who had poor english. There was some great characters from the previous games though.


The ending was a big letdown. There wasnt even an animation. You also could choose between two different ending but couldnt save before making the decision. So you would have to fight the final boss again and press x through a lot of conversation before getting both endings with the heroin that you chose at the beginning.

Bad voice acting on some characters. You get used to it after awhile but was off putting at first.

Many of the voice acted parts didn’t actually match the words you would read. That’s not a big deal but it would confuse you for a half second when you read along with the voice actors.


Battle system is turn based like the other games in the series. In fact, most of it is exactly the same. Your heroine can use items that you synthsize in battle which includes healing, stat boosting, and attack items. You can have a party of 6 characters at a time. You only get 8 characters in total unless they’re some dlc characters. All these characters have a unique special move they can use after certain conditions are met in battle. You always have 3 characters on the front line and 3 in the back line. The ones in the back line can be used to help defend the characters in front or for an extra attack. There is also a burst mode that you can activate by attacking the enemy. Once this fills up, you can deal extra damage and use special abilities like stat boost and damage reduction. Also you can link you characters attacks for big damage. Burst mode last about 2 or 3 turns.

Sythesizing items is rather bland. You wasn’t required to do much of this though. You eventually get so many items to synthesize that it becomes annoying when you’re trying to find a specific item to synthesize. You are also required to complete task to advance the next chapter. None of these task was overly difficult though. There was also no clock in this game like the arland games. You can spend as much time exploring and synthesizing as you like.

My game time was 35 hours when I beat this game. It does have replay value because of multilple endings and different heroine choice at the begining. There was also girls in swimming suits and a swimming scene in this game.
You should know that the game has to be updated to use the growth system in this game. Your ps3 will crash and you will lose all unsaved progress if you go to the growth system screen without first updating the game. You dont unlock this untill level 40 though.

That wraps the review up, overall, a rather bland game with some good but few moments thrown in.

Credit: Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea