The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

I was blind going into this game and the only reason why I brought it was because of the Lionheart Edition. I love my Collectors Editions but after admiring my awesome new Artbook I finally played the game and I think it deserves your undivided attention.

~ Story ~

This tale stars our hero Rean Schwarzer and his life at Thors Military Academy where he encounters blonde Tsunderes, drunk teachers, a vast majority of Anime Archetypes and exciting Field Studies within various areas of Erebonia.

The story is very slow paced and doesn’t get good until around Chapter 4 but once it gets there you’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next exciting thing to happen.

~ Characters ~

I’ll only do the main 10 of the classroom.

Rean Schwarzer – Typical goody two shoes JRPG Protagonist with more depth and character a cool looking sword and a cool personality.

Alisa Reinford – The blonde tsundere that you will probably dislike in the beginning of the game but then begin to understand her later in the game. She’s not bad once you get to know her a little better.

Laura Arseid – Saber from Fate/Zero with purple hair. She’s the awesome badass sword chick you wish was real. She loves fighting is very chivalrous and is probably one of my favorite characters in this game.

Gaius – The cool calm and collected dude.

Jusis Albarea – The arrogant noble that you want to slap in the face just because. He’s not extremely arrogant like some of the nobles in the game and he is a pretty cool character once you get to know him a little better.

Emma Milstein – Emma is a little shy but not to the extreme, she’s also very kind and nice to everyone in ClassVII making her an ideal girl to date if she was real that is.

Fie – Fie is Fie.

Machias Regnitz – The glasses nerd and copy of Hubert from Tales of Graces F.

Elliot Craig – Elliot is Elliot.

Sara Millstein – Ms. Frizzle gone badass. Sara is the best teacher ever and my 2nd favorite character in the game.

Overall – We have your typical High School Anime here with in depth characters and likable personalities depending on preferences.

~ Gameplay ~

The most fun and awesome turn based JRPG I have ever played.

In this game you use Crafts which are physical attacks & weapons skills and Arts which is basically magic. Arts takes one turn to cast sometimes less while Crafts are automatically used on that turn. Another thing you can use during your battles is S-Crafts which is basically your Special Attacks and you can use these without expending a turn they come in handy when your in a tough situation and you can use all 4 characters S-Crafts and still be able to make your move when it’s your turn to attack although doing so will expend all your CP and there are no items to restore CP so that’s risky. CP can only be gained through hitting the enemy not even save points can restore it so your screwed if you use it all recklessly.Although a move called Impassion might be able to save your butt since it gives you more CP then usual when you attack the enemy.

Links – During battle you can also link with characters in your party to perform combination attacks.

Free Time – After your field studies which is basically thors exploring other cities and places while doing mission’s, you return to school and get Free Time which means you get to activate your social links strengthen your Persona and chose between Chie & Yukiko. I’m kidding but the things you get to do during Free Time is very similar to Persona. During Free Time you get Bond Points which you can use to spend time with your friends, you are limited to 3 or sometimes 5 points so you can’t hang out with everybody. Each time you hang out with a certain character your link points increase and you can deal extra damage to enemies when linked to that character.

Student Council – During Free Time you are forced to do menial, lame and tedious tasks from the Student Council and you are also required to explore Tarturus cough I mean the Old Schoolhouse which has dull and repetitive dungeon design.

Overall – Still a Fun and great game.

~ Graphics ~

Not that great but not that bad either. ~ Sound ~ Even if you hate the game the soundtrack will most likely keep you playing the game it is without a doubt amazing and worth listening to. Voice Acting & Translation – Suberb although Rean doesn’t talk in a few scenes where he’s supposed to and a few lines of dialogue have grammer issues. ~ Replay Value ~ High. ~ Overall ~ A great start to the Legend of Heroes Series although a bit slow paced. I recommend this to all JRPG fans out there its a fun and awesome game with developed characters and a great story.

Credit: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel