Tribes of Midgard Gameplay Shown

Gearbox Publishing and Norsfell have released a new gameplay trailer for Tribes of Midgard. The three-minute video offers a brief overview of the game where players aim to defend the Seed of Yggdrasil from the nightly assault of Helthings. Players create their own Viking and use the daytime to explore, gather resources, and craft in order to prepare […]

Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer Goes Spelunking in Stonefang

With the second gameplay trailer released for Bluepoint Games’ upcoming Demon’s Souls Remake, players get a lengthy look at the game’s combat system in action. The five-and-a-half-minute video primarily explores the mines and subterranean areas of Stonefang, culminating in boss battles against both Armor Spider and Flamelurker. A variety of weapons and combat styles are on display, including both […]

The Ascent Gets Developer Walkthrough, Pushed to 2021

Publisher Curve Digital has released a narrated developer walkthrough video for Neon Giant’s upcoming cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent. The five-minute video showcases the game’s co-op mode, as two players engage in firearms combat while traversing the sector known as Cluster 13, one of the areas within the planet’s arcology. The video demonstrates the behavior of the game’s NPC […]

Second Outward DLC Announced

Developer Nine Dots Studio and publisher Deep Silver have announced the second DLC for their open-world RPG Outward. The Three Brothers adds the new region of Caldera to the game, where players can find new dungeons, quests, locations, skills, weapons, recipes, and pets. Players will also help the members of an old Sirocco refugee camp turn their camp into the […]

Battle Hunters Giveaway

RPGamer has teamed up with Phase Two Games and Plan of Attack to give away ten Steam codes for Battle Hunters to lucky readers. The game sees players controlling a squad of three members selected from a roster of 28 potential heroes recruited during the course of the game. It features real-time combat as players go on a […]